Newton 7th grader helps rescue 3 people on NH lake

NEWTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Newton 7th grader helped save three people as their kayaks overturned on a New Hampshire lake.

Scott Abbott saved all summer for a raft by mowing lawns and refereeing soccer games. Little did he know that his raft would help rescue three people this past weekend on Mascoma Lake.

“It felt good that I helped save somebody,” said Abbott, who was on a fishing trip with his father and brother when they noticed three overturned kayaks and three people in the water. He fired up his raft and went out to check on them.

“I asked them, ‘You guys need help,’ and they said, ‘Yes, this man can’t swim,'” Abbott said.

Abbott says he started to pull the man to safety.

His brother and father weren’t far behind. They quickly kayaked out to help rescue the other man and a woman.

“They were really grateful and kind of embarrassed and scared because one of them couldn’t swim very well,” said Cole Abbott.

Their father says he’s glad his boys did the right thing and that everyone is OK.

“Of course it made me very proud to see my kids jump into action to help a stranger,” Todd Abbott said.

As for Scott, he isn’t letting the attention go to his head.

“It’s kind of cool, but it’s also kind of embarrassing because I’ve never been on TV before,” he said.

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