Newton candy shop owner turning tragedy into charity after fatal police shooting

NEWTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A Newton candy store owner is turning tragedy into charity to help local hospital patients.

Linda Gulman was born and raised in Newton and has owned her candy store Indulge! for 30 years. On Tuesday, she reopened her shop after a massive police response there led to a deadly shooting nearby.

Neighbors and customers posted notes on her door with messages of support. One reading, “We will take care of each other.”

Bouquets and painted stones were left outside — proof she is not alone.

“It’s been heartwarming and overwhelming at the same time but really, really touching,” Gulman said. “The messages – I could not keep up with them. It was text messages, emails, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, through my website. I had voicemails, my mailbox was full!”

On Jan. 5, a man walked into her store with a knife. The incident ended with police shooting and killing the 28-year-old who was said to be suffering from mental illness.

Gulman decided to close her shop for a short time after but returned to a community in need of healing and together they figured out how.

“Why not make something good from something bad and make somebody else happy?” she asked. “That’s what we’ve always done with candy!”

Customers can buy one-pound bags of candy that are then donated to local hospital patients dealing with mental illness.

“Why not support the groups that really need it? There are so many at-risk people out there that really, really need help,” Gulman said.

This is one way Gulman said she can show people they are not alone.

“Sad about the situation and the outcome of it,” she said. “Just be there for people. You might not be able to hug but give virtual hugs to people.”

For anyone looking to participate, all they have to do is stop by, call 617-965-7855, or email to place an order.

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