Newton superintendent criticized at meeting to discuss incidents of anti-Semitism

The Mayor of Newton is putting plans in place following recent incidents of symbols of hate. 

On Thursday night, the mayor brought the community together to announce the town will not stand for it. 

In the past few months, there have been multiple incidents of anti-Semitic messages specifically connected to Newton schools. 

But this meeting that was meant to promote peace, instead fueled anger toward the school’s superintendent, claiming he’s allowed the schools to use textbooks with anti-Israel material in it.

"I’m going to ask everyone that is in the audience and everyone in Newton to do one thing over the course of the year to promote inclusiveness and making Newton a welcoming community, we all have friends, we have kids, if we can all make an effort in our own space to promote inclusivity and making Newton welcoming, I think we will be in a better place in the coming years," Mayor Setti Warren said. 

Warren said he understands tonight’s meeting will not solve all of the potential issues that have come up over the last few weeks but he said this is a platform to moving forward with. 

He hopes to host a meeting like this once a year. 

The Newton police chief says he has been in touch with an FBI agent, and right now these incidents don’t rise to the level of federal prosecution, but they are on top of it.

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