NFL player, upset over bill, pays nearly $4,000 in change

CHARLOTTE (NBC) — Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert felt like he was being shortchanged by a local autoshop.

So when he paid them, he did it in change.

When Tolbert took his 1975 Chevrolet Caprice convertible to Motion Lab Tuning in June to have a new engine installed, the invoice came to $2,700.

But when he checked in with the shop on Monday about why the work hadn’t been completed, the bill had gone up to $3,900.

When Tolbert disputed the charges, the shop’s owner said it was because Tolbert’s friend failed to deliver the proper car parts in a timely manner.

He also said he wouldn’t take a personal check from Tolbert — only a cash or a cashier’s check.

That’s when Tolbert decided he would satisfy the debt, but in his own way – with $3,943.93 in coins.