BELMONT, N.H. (WHDH) — Officials said 25 boy scouts and three adults were taken to the hospital after they were struck by lightning in New Hampshire Monday night.

This happened at the Griswold Scout Reservation in Belmont. The scouts are between ages 12 and 17 years old.

The Belmont Fire Chief said the troop was taking shelter from the storm under a tarp when the lightning struck.

“At some point in time the lightning either struck nearby or struck the shelter they were under or a tree or something and traveled through into the meadow,” said Belmont Fire Chief, David Parenti.

The Boy Scouts of America released a statement that said, “This staff of Camp Bell at Griswold Scout Reservation was monitoring a fast moving storm. As the storm approached camp, the staff directed the campers to shelter. A lightning strike hit near the shelter. Approximately thirty minutes later, several of the campers were complaining of after affects and as a preliminary caution the campers were sent to various medical facilities in the area for treatment and evaluation.”

The Belmont Fire Chief said many of the injuries were minor burns. Six of the scouts were given cardiac monitors because the burns were in the chest area, but he said that was done mostly as a precaution.

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