ROCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A member of the Rochester City Council is facing a trial in front of his fellow councilors on misconduct allegations of sexual harassment and creating a fake press release with the city seal.

Chris Rice faces trial May 12 following a report issued by an investigative committee of the council. Current and former councilors testified that he made inappropriate, sexual comments.

Another allegation is that Rice created a press release about the use of vote-counting machines, using the city seal to imply it was sent by the city.

Rice is not formally charged with a crime. He chose not to testify before the committee. He attended a council meeting Monday during which the report was adopted.

“I haven’t read the report yet, so I’d like the chance to do that first,” he told He told The Associated Press on Tuesday he was at a meeting and could not respond immediately.

The council would determine whether the findings are “true.” It would take nine votes on the 13-member council to remove Rice from the panel.

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