NH father posts video of daughter getting bullied, beaten on social media

NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - A Nashua, New Hampshire father taking to social media after his 12-year-old daughter, Mia was brutally beaten twice on school property.

Both of the attacks at Fairgrounds Middle School were caught on camera and after receiving what he deemed an unacceptable response from the school, Chad Lacrosse posted the videos online and went to court.

He and Mia were granted restraining orders stating the two girls must stay at least 300 feet away at all times.

The videos, shot by friends of the attackers, show Mia being pulled by her hair, punched and thrown to the ground on two separate occasions by two of her peers. She receives more blows to the top of the head before an adult steps in.

“She was diagnosed with a concussion yesterday,” Lacrosse said.

He believes his daughter was attacked simply because she did not want to be friends with the girls anymore.

“Mia wanted to focus on cheer and school and things along those lines and that was what started it,” he said. “If you’re in that much fear going to school every day, and that is what a lot of parents and children are dealing with, I truly believe that this is what the kids are killing themselves over,”

In a statement, school superintendent Jahmal Mosley said, “I am deeply troubled by this event… We have contacted law enforcement for support and guidance in this matter. Any student involved in this or any subsequent incidents (fighting or recording a fight) will have consequences.”

The two girls will not be allowed back in class before they appear before a judge in November.

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