Andrew Hemingway isn’t the first member of his family to venture into elected office and he hopes to rival his relative’s success. In 1861, Nathaniel Berry, an relative of Andrew’s, after serving in both houses of the legislature, became the 28th Governor of New Hampshire. His portrait, hanging in the Statehouse labels him the state’s first Republican Governor. Governor Berry is credited as one of the founders of Bristol, New Hampshire, being the largest donor to the building of the Congregational church, the library, and the old Town Hall still used today. Bristol is where Andrew lives today and raises his family. The history of Andrew’s family runs deep in the Granite State, and his devotion to individual freedom, entrepreneurship and civic involvement is something his family has carried through generations. Andrew is a vocal leader of Republican ideals in New Hampshire and has spent the past several years working to spread a message of fiscal restraint and individual freedoms. A successful entrepreneur, Andrew knows firsthand the importance of efficiency, financial responsibility and the need to limit the unnecessary intrusion of government into the lives of individuals and of businesses. Andrew started his first business while in college in North Carolina. The window washing business was a success and Andrew was able to transfer ownership of the company to his partner, before moving on to work in the financial services department of a Fortune 500 insurance company. With hard work and dedication, Andrew became the youngest Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 company and achieved this in just six months. Andrew married his wife Katie and they soon returned to their native New Hampshire where Andrew helped to support his father-in-laws dry cleaning business in Derry and janitorial services business in Bristol. Ever the entrepreneur, Andrew set back out on his own and started Hemingway Insurance Services, which provided agricultural, commercial, health and life insurances. He again received accolades and became the National Runner-up “Rookie-of-the-year” for the parent insurance company he ran his business under, out-performing much larger states and offices. Andrew traveled the state of NH meeting with farmers, business owners, and families and it was here that he began to develop an understanding of how important the Agriculture industry is to NH’s way of life. He says often that “family farms represent the NH values we wish were represented in Concord”. Andrew rapidly built the agency and used those resources to combine his passion for soccer and his adeptness in business and started Online Sports Coaching LLC. The New Hampshire-based startup developed web based videos to properly train parents and volunteer coaches in the art and safety of the sport. Creating the world’s first iPhone App with video for youth soccer coaches, and developing the first online certification program used by Rec. Departments to train parents and volunteers were two innovative solutions Andrew brought forward with this company. Another successful company started, Andrew sold it to a Boston Company and moved ahead with his next venture as a digital consultant for the US House Policy Committee and other government and political organizations. This is where one of his current companies, Digital Acumen, began and continues today to be a success. Digital Acumen is a technology firm specializing in emerging political communications. In 2011, Andrew and his company were put on the map when he organized the first ever Presidential Primary Twitter debate. 6 GOP candidates for President joined Andrew as he led this one of a kind event. In addition to Digital Acumen, Andrew is Founder and Chief Political Innovation Officer at his newest company Grassloot, the leading online donation platform for candidates, non profits, and political committees.

While his business interests have kept him involved in politics, he has also worked as an advocate of these interests and ideals, starting 4RG–a political action committee dedicated to electing republicans Governors–and worked as state Director for Newt Gingrich’s NH Presidential Primary Campaign. Andrew also joined with a State Senator to lead the charge against the LLC tax, successfully overturning the law. In 2007, Andrew was elected to the Budget Committee in the town of Bristol and for 2 years served as Chairman of the board, implementing zero-based budgeting system for the town. He was able to cut the town’s budget by nearly 20% in his first year as chairman, and an additional 10% the following year. When Hemingway left the board, Bristol’s tax rate was the lowest it had been in over 40 years. While his state, his country and his businesses take much of his time and interest, nothing is as important to Andrew as his family. He, his wife Katie and two children, Morgan (6) and Connor (4) live in Bristol, just down the road from Plymouth, where he grew up. Andrew and his family are active in their church, the Hill Village Bible Church, where Andrew serves as Superintendent of the Sunday School. A former soccer coach for elementary age children, Andrew likes to find time to play soccer with his children and enjoys a game of pick-up when he can. He can also be seen joining in a 5k run or hiking with his family. Andrew has now started his latest venture, as a candidate for New Hampshire Governor, where he believes his business achievement, personal dedication, work ethic and Republican ideals of personal freedom & responsibility and limited government will again bring success.

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