Hello, I’m Ian Freeman.  I’m a nationally syndicated talk radio host and I’m running for Governor against Maggie Hassan in the democratic primary.  I’m one of the co-chairs of the New Hampshire Liberty Party and also a registered democrat.  Maggie Hassan, the incumbent, claims to be a democrat, but her actions prove otherwise.  If Maggie were a true democrat, she’d care about the little guy, but yet her state police continue to put the little guy behind bars for victimless crimes like cannabis possession.  As governor, I’ll pardon all victimless criminals as one of my first acts. As a democrat, I’m pro-peace.  I’m for the little guy.  Therefore, New Hampshire needs to throw off the destructive, deadly, pro-corporate influences and rules of the federal government.  Secession is an idea that’s time has come again.  This time it needs to be done peacefully and as soon as possible.  As governor, I want to break all contact with the federal government by all NH’s executive agencies.  I will encourage the state legislature to say “NO” to federal money (bribery) dangled in front of us to obtain the obedience of the State of NH to their dictates.  The State of New Hampshire already refuses the federal money on the seatbelt issue, and I’d like to see them “just say NO” to the federal government more often, all the way until the state legislature finally votes to secede. Finally, I’d really like to see ballot access fairness in New Hampshire.  It’s sad that third parties are kept off the ballot by being forced to jump through ridiculous hoops with insane petition signature requirements.  This results in fewer choices for voters and fewer ideas in the debates.  We all lose as a result.  Republican and democratic state representative candidates need only pay $2 to file for office, while third party members are required to collect 150 petition signatures – a costly and time-consuming process.  To qualify for governor as a third-party candidate requires 3,000 signatures!  All ballot requirements should be the same across-the-board, no matter the party.

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