Hello, I’m Jonathan Smolin and I want to be your governor. I am running for governor of New Hampshire and want your vote. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and am the oldest of 3 children. I attended Bradford College in Bradford Mass. During my college years I played lacrosse. I’ve been married for 18 years and have two young boys, 12 and 13. I enjoy spending time with my boys and enjoy attending their sporting events. My hobbies include car racing, car restoration, boating hiking, camping and traveling. My beliefs are simple, having high morals and ethics. Being an honest person and upfront person is important to me not matter what the situation is. My experience is in being an exotic car mechanic, surgical assistant, surgical program chair, and nursing school president. I’ve owned several businesses over the years and have gained much experience from them. I have designed and developed various car care products for the car market.

What I would like to accomplish as your governor is to make education available and affordable to all New Hampshire citizens. I want to lower property and small business taxes and draw more business to New Hampshire. Lower and give tax breaks to new business that come to NH, Increase cigarette and alcohol taxes and to make sure all taxes are used for their appropriate budgets. I want legalize and tax recreational marijuana. Also I want to make healthcare available and affordable to all New Hampshire citizens without Obamacare. Finally I would allow 2 casino resorts to be built, 1 in central NH and 1 in northern NH.

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