NH man bitten by rabid bat that was hiding in iPad case

HAMPTON, N.H. (WHDH) - A Hampton, New Hampshire man was bitten by a rabid bat that was hiding in his iPad case.

Roy Syvertson says he didn’t even know a bat was there until it bit him on the finger.

“It felt like a bee sting,” he said. “I looked down quick and the bat had it’s two wings sticking out with its little hooks on him.”

Syvertson was able to trap it, snap a few pictures, and release it safely outside.

He says he wasn’t too worried until he found the bat dead the next day.

“Then I said to myself, ‘Pretty good, bet he’s rabid,’ so I called state Fish and Game and they sent somebody right away. He was here in a flash,” Syvertson said.

The bat tested positive, and now, three rabies shots in, Syvertson says he’s still creeped out thinking about how the little animal got there.

“I don’t want any surprises. When I open up my cereal box in the morning, I want to make sure there’s nothing in that,” he said. “When I open up my refrigerator, I want to make sure there’s nothing in there either. So maybe I am getting paranoid.”

He’s now sharing the story of his bat attack in the hopes of raising awareness as the weather warms up and the kids go outside to play.

“Maybe it’s time to have a nice talk with them, your children, and make sure they don’t befriend some animal that they think wants to be friendly with them,” he said.

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