DOVER, N.H. (WHDH) — A New Hampshire mom took action when she found a bear on the deck at her vacation house.

“All of a sudden the dogs went crazy. A different crazy than they normally do,” Lisa Webb said.

She was alone with he 11-year-old daughter. Her husband and son were still on their way to the family’s vacation house in Madison N.H.

“All of a sudden she screamed. She said the bear was on the deck,” Webb said recalling her daughter’s reaction.

The black bear had plowed through a baby gate to keep the dogs on the deck.

“It was around a 300 pound bear. It was Crazy. I was within inches of it,” Webb sad.

Acting on instinct she picked up the baby gate and whacked the bear.

“I smashed it on the head then the baby gate broke and I went running in the house. There was a big whole where it hit the bear,” Webb said.

The bear was not injured and it did not go away. Lisa could see it and she could smell it.

“I looked over at my dog and realized he had gotten clawed by the bear when he was on the deck. He started having blood seep through his skin.”

Her husband arrived at the house soon and took their dog to the hospital.

“My husband told me I was crazy,” Webb said.

Lisa Webb admits she will be more cautious, and more nervous, the next time the family heads north.

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