NH trooper tickets 21 drivers for failing to clear snow, ice after storm

(WHDH) — A week after citing 17 drivers for failing to clear snow and ice from their vehicles, the same New Hampshire state trooper stopped another 20 vehicles in three hours and issued 21 tickets for similar violations on Thursday, officials said.

The trooper was enforcing Jessica’s Law, which requires drivers to clear snow and ice off their cars before they get on the roads.

Jessica’s Law was passed by the New Hampshire legislature in 2001 in response to the death of Jessica Smith, a 20-year-old woman who was killed when ice flew off the top of a truck and hit a second truck, resulting in a head-on collision with her car.

Two of the drivers that the trooper stopped last week were arrested, officials said.

Troopers in Massachusetts were also on the prowl for drivers who made woeful attempts to clear snow after an overnight storm swept through New England. One driver that was stopped claimed he didn’t have time to clear his car off because he “wanted to get to the gym.”


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