In order to create real, lasting jobs in this country, we need to cut government spending and limit bureaucracy to create an atmosphere for manufacturing to return to America, just as it has thrived here in the past. Government taxing, spending, and regulation need to be drastically reduced before we can see any true economic growth in America. We can talk about job fairs, turning the economy around, and a host of other “feel good” solutions,  but unless we take control and reign government in to its original purpose of protecting the Citizens first, we won’t see any real change. We’ve been told that the solution is to tax the rich and raise the minimum wage, but these are empty solutions made uninformed, or willfully ignorant career politicians. We need real solutions that don’t just increase the government’s take and increase cost to the consumer, but truly put more money in the working citizen’s pocket. The original purpose of the Federal Government was to protect Citizens from threats to their Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, but the current government seems to only care about the welfare of major corporations and a dependent constituency. Reducing the size of government will naturally increase efficiency and make oversight by the Citizens easier, and reduce the risk of the current state of an elected Oligarchy, funded by the revolving door of corporate involvement in the political process. We are talking about an organization that continually operates in the red, while borrowing money from the same countries that it sends humanitarian aid to.

 In the past 81 years, the Republican Party has held a concurrent majority in the House, the Senate, and Presidency for only 6 years. While both parties have let us down, it is time to give credit where credit is due; Democrats time and again plug themselves as the Working Man’s Party, but the results are clear, they only seek to keep their voter base dependent on them for solutions “just around the corner,” so long as the Republicans can be kept at bay.
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