Born of two very dedicated and hard working parents—my father was a decorated combat Vietnam Veteran and a police officer, my mother a manager at IBM—my parents’ examples taught me at an early age the value of hard work, persistence and self reliance. These values became the building blocks of all my future endeavors. While still in High School, my mother was stricken with breast cancer and her courage became a further inspiration. Upon graduating High School, I received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy and at the age of 17, I began my military service. I often sent my pay home to help defray the mounting medical bills for my mother’s treatments. When I was 21, my mother lost her long battle with breast cancer. This event made me want to make more of a difference in the world. Upon leaving military service, I became a consultant so I could use my experiences to improve the way government did business. This later led to the formation of a small business firm dedicated to streamlining government and reducing federal spending. In 2002 I was elected to the New Hampshire State house to begin the first of three terms servicing the State of New Hampshire.

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