NORTHWOOD, N.H. (WHDH) — Allison Kelley tried to ship the ashes of her husband from New Hampshire to Florida, where her late husband Chuck’s daughter lives. However, when the package arrived the ashes and urns were gone.

The New Hampshire woman admits she has no hard evidence but believes someone stole two urns.

“His wish was to have his ashes spread on his favorite fishing spot in the Keys,” said Kelley.

She mailed his ashes in small and large urns to Chuck’s daughter in Florida, but when the package arrived, the tape on the package was ripped and the urns weren't inside.

“If they fell out the shirts would have fallen out with it, in my opinion. Looks like someone put the shirts back in the box,” Kelley said.

She contacted the post office and they said they'd look into it.

Kelley still plans on traveling down to Florida at the end of October if those urns aren't recovered. She has a small urn with a little bit of ashes inside and will scatter that off the coast of the Florida Keys.

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