Nice Kickstart to The Weekend

Gotta admit, those morning clouds had that feel: few sprinkles, cool temps…ugh, another day slipping away. Then the sun got the upper hand, and the rest was history.

Although we still had some afternoon clouds to overcome, the temperatures were worth the 5 day wait (well, almost):

Danvers: 70
Millis: 70
Weston: 69
Newburyport: 68
Boston: 68
Randolph: 68
Norwell: 66

Expect similar temperatures tomorrow, then a slight drop off on Sunday. Saturday has a slight chance at a shower, but Sunday is a different story.

Big pool of cold air in the upper atmosphere will rotate through New England. This has the affect of rapidly destabilizing the atmosphere (translated: clouds will build and snuff out the sun) and showers will result. Some of these showers will get a little robust too, turning to downpours and/or storms. Because the freezing level will drop, hail may fall from some of the bigger storms. Time frame is between 1 and 5pm, so keep an eye ot the sky and remember to snap a pic and send it to 7 if you see anything interesting (we’re partial to rainbows).

It’s the weekend, and folks will be out and about. Please watch for motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.