Class Act:

Nikki Bettinelli

Nominated by:

Matt Bettinelli

Nomination Story:

Nikki is the greatest not only does she balance good grades with year round softball on multiple teams, Nikki during her freshmen year of high school decide she had enough of bullying formed an anti bullying walk with all profits going to getting more bullying awareness programs and helping to stop bullying.

She did this single handily finding sponsors getting the schools approval getting a permit to use the towns track setting up a bake sale, auctioning off items and finding volunteers. And if one year wasn’t enough she went back the next year and started that whole process over again. She is now planning one for the 2014 year, and is about to start that process again.

Also Nikki is the vice president of Chelmsford Highs Best Buddies club, which is a club where kids with IDD and learning disabilities stay after school with kids who do not have those problems and play games with them take them to the movies the mall and other social events.

She is also part of the principal’s council a very small group of students who meet after school with the principal and tell him whats wrong in the school and what the school can do to fix it or make it better. She is a drum major which means she went to try outs and was accepted she now can conduct the band along with the other drum majors.

This is a commitment which takes up school time and time after school. Nikki also gets very good grades even with all of these other clubs activities and sports going on. Nikki is a Class Act and I am extremely proud to be able to call her my cousin!

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