Looking over the maps this afternoon & evening it appears more like a 7-day forecast one would find in late March rather than late January! The forecast does have a few snowflakes (tomorrow) but also has temps making a legitimate run at 60 (next Wednesday)! We are in an El Nino winter and they typically are loaded with mild air and even when the cold strikes–like last week–the jet stream is so energized that it prevents the cold from locking in place for more than a few days. Yay.

Ok…..about that snowflake in the forecast. It happens tomorrow and it’s not a snowstorm. It’s from a cool front that swings into New England midday. This front will be able to produce a few scattered rain showers as well as snow showers. The rain showers are likely to occur before the snow showers tho so plan on wet roads (if you even see a shower–remember, they’ll be scattered) and then by mid-late afternoon–evening commute–a few snow showers are likely. In terms of accumulation, I think main roads are wet as temps stay in the mid 30s all afternoon but back roads, driveways & grassy surfaces could see a coating to an inch of snow—again….scattered, not everyone sees this potential coating-1".

In any event, the weekend offers a mix of clouds & both days with a warm front moving through New England tomorrow night. This front does its thing, sending the 40 degree temps on Saturday into the low 50s on Sunday with even warmer weather by early next week—low to mid 50s!

Weather behaving like early spring but still some winter left in these parts.


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