No Tricks Here!

Why did the skeleton stop at the neighborhood BBQ?  Because he heard there would be spare ribs!!  Oh, I lost you with that candy-corny joke?  I’m not surprised.  How about this instead:  Knock, knock… Who’s there?? (wait for it…) Trick-or-Treat! (Kind of an awkward cliff-hanger there, I know)…

Let’s leave the attempt at humor on the doorstep for now and talk about the Halloween forecast instead.  Nothing spooky about it this year!  No "feet of snow" expected, like in 2011 – and NO hurricanes or Nor’easters approaching, like Hurricane Sandy (2012) and/or the "Perfect Storm" in 1991.  It’s not out of the question for weather to get wild this time of year, but there are no "tricks" in this forecast.  We’re in for dry conditions and cool temps.  What a treat!

Skies will stay mostly clear overnight tonight, with temps falling back into the low to mid 30s.  The clear skies stay clear for most of tomorrow too, with highs in the low to mid 50s.  That may be a little chilly for some, but without the breeze we had today and bright sunshine, I think it will feel "comfortably cool" tomorrow.  Side note:  If you’re heading to Salem, I HIGHLY recommend the Mahi Mahi "Haunted Happenings" tour (not an endorsement, just a suggestion).  Sunset tomorrow is at 5:39pm (soak it up while you can, because that’s the last of that for a while).  Once the sun goes down, temps will cool to the mid to upper 40s for trick-or-treat-ers.  Again, my advice would be warm layers under the costume, rather than over it.  It may add some bulkiness to those adorable/terrifying ghosts and goblins, but it’s better than dressing like a "cold kid in a coat."  :c)

The clouds moving in tomorrow night are in response to a system moving through to our north.  While we could get a few spot showers and/or sprinkles on Sunday morning, I do think most of us stay dry.  I didn’t even include the "raindrop" on my 7-day forecast, because this is only a 20-30% shot at some drops.  We’ll clear out on Sunday afternoon for warming sunshine taking temps close to 60°…

…and the warming doesn’t stop there!  November starts off with a bang!  Temps next week will be 5 to 10, to possibly even 15 degrees above normal for this time of year!

That’s the good news.  The bad news is, Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend.  We’ll gain an hour of sleep on Saturday night, but we’ll also be losing an hour of daylight in our afternoons.  Sunset on Sunday is at 4:38pm, and I will definitely be in mourning.  Oh – Sorry in advance to those parents with kids on auto-pilot and/or leftover sugar rush come Sunday morning… I should clarify; SOME of us will get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night!  On that note, Goooo Pats?!   (I know there’s no game this weekend, I just say that because it typically boosts the spirits of New Englanders)  – Breezy