Members of a local nonprofit were in the crowd in Poland on Tuesday during President Joe Biden’s speech there addressing the war in Ukraine. 

The nonprofit workers from the New England-based Common Man for Ukraine are overseas this week to deliver donations to Ukrainian children impacted by the war. 

Nearing the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Common Man for Ukraine personnel recently spoke about their experience in Warsaw.

“He gave a really strong message about how America is going to stand with Ukraine, that America appreciates all the heroic work that Poland is doing,” Common Man Co-Founder Susan Mathison said of Biden’s speech in an interview with 7NEWS. 

The Common Man group left New England on Monday. They stopped in Poland on Tuesday before they plan to enter Ukraine later this week. 

This is the group’s fourth trip to Ukraine, where they partner with Rotary Club International in aid efforts. 

The group has already supplied more than $2.6 million in aid to date, including 750 tons of food. 

“I’m amazed at the generosity of people,” Common Man Co-Founder Alex Ray said. “It started as a little thing in Plymouth, N.H. and it’s taken off.” 

The Common Man group will begin their latest journey into Ukraine on Wednesday, packing up to 10 trucks with 18 tons of food and other supplies. 

Mathison said the raw realities of war are always present, with military checkpoints and air raid sirens, among other things. 

The danger, though, is overshadowed by the need to help.

“There’s a lot more kids, a lot more need, and a lot more good for us to do,” Mathison said. 

Common Man personnel will be visiting 14 orphanages on their current Ukraine trip. 

After surpassing their original fundraising goal, they now hope to raise $10 million this year. 

Donations can be made to the nonprofit by visiting or by texting COMMONMAN (as one word) to 53-555.

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