North Attleboro officers brew ‘Five-Oh’ coffee for a good cause

NORTH ATTLEBORO (WHDH) — A group of police officers in North Attleboro with a love for coffee have started their own coffee company, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Officer Rob Curran said he developed a passion for coffee after working overnight shifts for nearly a decade. This is what inspired him and several other officers to start Five-Oh Coffee in November.

The different brews of coffee were initially created by the officers themselves, for other police officers. The blends even correspond to every line of duty.

“Our light roast is the day shift, our medium roast is the evening shift, our dark roast is the midnight shift and our special blend is the double shift,” said Officer James Wise.

A portion of the profits support local law enforcement causes. Curran said the money is used to help the families of cancer patients or families with a line of duty death of injury on-duty. They have already raised thousands of dollars.

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