North Attleboro official under scrutiny for online posts about Muslims

A North Attleboro town representative is under scrutiny for controversial social media posts. 

Town representative Paul Couturier recently shared photos online that many say insult Muslims and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

During an interview, Couturier seemed baffled about how his posts could be considered objectionable. 

Here is an exchange with 7’s Nick Emmons about a post about a shark with the caption "throw me a Muslim."

Courturier: "Seriously, why are people getting upset over a picture of a shark?"

Emmons: "Do you understand how people could be offended by this?"

Courturier: " What’s offensive about it?

Emmons: "It’s a picture of a shark, with the words throw me a Muslim."

Courturier: "Do you believe sharks can talk?

Emmons: "No."

Courturier: "Thank you"

Courturier says Muslims behead people, and points to 9/11. The picture which he posted on February 29th isn’t the only one her’s defending.

A picture of a gorilla was shared the same day and reads "a rare glimpse of the First Lady on vacation."

Here is another exchange between Emmons and Courturier:

Emmons: "Was it a reference to Michelle Obama or just.."

Courturier: "It’s a gorilla!

Emmons: "And it says First Lady."

Courturier: "It coulda been First Lady of the Jungle."

People living in town are disappointed an elected official would ever share posts like that.

"As far as I am concerned, that kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. Anybody in any kind of position of authority to do some form of disrespect like that does not belong in that position whatsoever,” said resident Michael Tierney. 

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