North Carolina man loses eye after e-cig explosion

A man in Wilmington, North Carolina is telling his story after an e-cigarette blew up in his face.

It all started as a way to quit smoking.

"I should have just stop using the electric cigarette because I had the nicotine down to zero. There was no nicotine in it or anything so," Christopher Roberts said.

When he went to take an inhale of this milky white smoke, he never expected it to explode.

"I started saying out loud ‘Oh my God, Oh my God’ because I had grabbed a rag and I put it on my face, and as I was putting it on my face I noticed below me there was just a pool of blood," Roberts said.

The e-cig exploded in his face with such force Chris said it broke a piece of the steering wheel off.

The explosion gave him second and third degree burns on his chest, over 50 stitches in his nose and cost him his left eye.

"The night before they took my eye out I was at a 15,” Roberts said. “I was literally crawling up the walls in pain."

A month and a half after his three different surgeries, Chris says he’s still getting use to some things, but it’s changed his perspective.

"I have friends that are missing limbs and stuff like that and they’re not limited to anything,” Roberts said. “So losing my eye is not going to limit me to anything."

But he does have a message to anyone who is about to take a quick hit from an e-cig.

"Just for people to be aware that not everything is safe about it,” Roberts said. “There is harm in it as well."

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