A North Carolina man is calling for an apology after he says police showed up at his home, drew their guns and ordered him into a police car after his own burglar alarm went off.

Kazeem Oyeneyin said his home security alarm went off after a friend unknowingly tripped it when leaving the house. Oyeneyin said he disengaged the alarm and went back to sleep, but a police officer came by around noon and opened the unlocked door, calling out to anyone in the house, according to home surveillance footage.

“I just laid back down and all I heard was somebody screaming downstairs,” Oyeneyin said. “So I grab my firearm because I don’t know what’s going on. And I run down the stairs and it’s a cop.”

Oyeneyin said the officer refused to believe he lived in the house and handcuffed him while he was only wearing his underwear.

Police are investigating the incident and reviewing the officer’s actions, and Oyeneyin said he wants an apology.

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