Northbridge High School hazing allegations

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. (WHDH) — Four football players are accused of forcing a freshman teammate to do something downright disgusting.

The Northbridge High School football team continues to practice while questions are being asked about the alleged hazing of a freshman player by four junior teammates inside the locker room.

“First of all it’s disgusting and I feel that it’s another form of bullying and it shouldn’t be tolerated,” Sheri Nolan, a parent, said.

According to a police report the freshman said he lost a race using sled pads, that's when the 'four juniors were pressuring him to take a drink from a gallon jug of water with urine in it." The freshman told police “he took a sip from this jug and spit it out.” The freshman “did not indicate that (he) was physically forced to drink from the jug."

“If they were jerks enough to do that to a freshman then they shouldn’t be able to play football,” Northbridge student Paige Bilodeau said.

Northbridge's superintendent insists the district takes hazing seriously and in a statement added "we do a thorough investigation, and apply appropriate consequences that match the seriousness of the situation. It is unfortunate that this hazing incident has occurred."

"I understand that freshmen coming in, they go through little rituals. But that’s taking it way too extreme.” Parent Erica Delagarza said.

Police say the junior players won't face criminal prosecution because the freshman's family doesn't want to press charges. Investigators say that shouldn't discourage others from speaking up when they feel threatened.

Please do come in anytime you think that you’re a victim of something like this,” Lt. Timothy Labrie of the Northbridge Police Department said. “Any type of hazing is obviously zero tolerance, it is a crime.”

If the freshman’s family decides to press charges the juniors could face up to $3,000 in fines and a year in prison.