BOSTON (WHDH) - Northeastern University is refusing to defend an economics professor who made some derogatory comments about President Donald Trump during a recent lecture.

“I’m very sorry I caused such a fuss. I should have never, ever have used the word,” said Dr. Barry Bluestone.

Speaking in front of a room of students, Bluestone said “I wouldn’t mind seeing him (Trump) dead.” He also said he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump “impeached.”

“What I was saying, particularly in the context of when I said of natural causes of course, which was my next line that this was a call for more protests against this president, who I see as extremely dangerous,” Bluestone said.

Despite Bluestone’s apology, Northeastern released a statement saying his views do not reflect those of the university:

“While faculty members are free to express controversial opinions, the university cannot provide a public platform for comments that could be construed to condone violence. As a result, we have decided to take down the video of this event.”

Bluestone’s remarks were recorded in a YouTube video uploaded by the school on Monday. It has since been taken down.

“I’m kind of sad that the university took the video down. I was prepared this morning to come in and make an apology on video so people would understand it in context,” Bluestone said.

Some students said that they understood where Bluestone was coming from, but that the comments were not appropriate for a professor.

“I understand where the anger and frustration comes from, but as a professor and a professor representing the university, it’s not something you should be saying,” Gal Nissan said.

Bluestone said he is sorry for his words, but not his greater message.

“We need more people to stand up and get angry. We shouldn’t ask for the president’s death, absolutely, but there should be protesting,” Bluestone said.

Despite the university putting out a statement, Bluestone says he hasn’t heard from anyone in administration regarding his comments.

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