Past few days have been simply amazing. September is known for its gorgeous stretches of sunny weather, but this warm spell just keeps rolling along.

Today it was the mid-80s that made their debut. With temperatures inching up from yesterday, it begs the question: are 90s far behind?

I’m still not buying into it. 

The mid-atmosphere still seems to have reached its warmest point in this warmup. That means mid and upper 80s are within reach, but the 90 degree mark will be elusive. Certainly no heat waves cooking either. This warm, dry stretch will come to a screeching halt by Sunday afternoon and into early next week.

How about some showers? The blazing sun and dry air have "baked out" the moisture from the ground (that, and the vegetation has gobbled up all the available soil moisture). We’re just about back where we started at the tail end of last week. Already this month, rainfall has slipped below normal. 

Expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. That weak front on Sunday will stall overhead on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In this long pause, we may have an opportunity to breed a few showers, but this isn’t a panacea for all our water worries. Extended range maps show the warmth returning and the dryness continuing.


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