I won't blame you for missing the downpours this afternoon. There were so few of them, and they were so brief, even folks who had them were unimpressed.

Once again, all the humidity and fronts in the world couldn't get the downpours to stabilze and hold together in Greater Boston and points north. Instead we saw them flare, drop their water, and fade.  

Southeast Massachusetts, however, saw some help from a slowing front and a little wave of low pressure offshore. It was enough to hammer Fall River, Freetown and surrounding communities with water.

Storm dropping torrents of rain on Freetown and Fall River now. Crawling WSW pic.twitter.com/UQD9q68eCB

— Pete Bouchard (@pbouchardon7) July 15, 2015

Those downpours/storms will continue on their merry way as the front plows through this evening. Cooler, less humid air will invade from the north into the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, and it will be significant and head-turning.

Drier air moving in tonight. Wow…autumn-like dewpoints in Northern New England! pic.twitter.com/u2UoCK49DG

— Pete Bouchard (@pbouchardon7) July 15, 2015 

For the record, a drop from the 70s to 40s is a big time step down in humidity. (Also for the record, I realize it's vain to quote your own tweets, but I was running low on ideas to jazz up the blog tonight.)

That leads us to the forecast for tomorrow and Friday. 


That about sums it up. What about the weekend?

Admittedly, I've been sending mixed messages about that. Sunday looked like the better chance for showers yesterday. Now today it seems that Saturday is the better of the two for showers. That said, it's not an all-day rain, and the showers favor the afternoon. Both days show the humidity coming back and temps in the 80s with hazy sun. Sounds like a summer weekend to me.

More on that later.

Now go enjoy the pictures of Pluto.


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