Digging out? Frustrated with snow? Irked by the headlines for more snow?

Sure, we could get more. Sure it would be “piling it on” to suggest the threat for another storm. But in reality, we don’t typically get two blizzards in a row. I mean, come on, we typically get them every year or so, with record-breaking storms every few years.

No, I won’t get on my soapbox about climate change, but I will say it’s got to be more than coincidence that these storms are dumping record amounts of snow, doncha think? Let that “marinate” for a while.

Onward and upward…with the snowbanks. While the next storm starts with a whimper, it evolves into a roar by the weekend. We are within earshot of that roar, but that’s it. No direct hit from this storm. More of a glancing swipe as it intensifies in the Gulf of Maine.

First starts off as a burst of light snow on Thursday night and Friday morning. Could put down a coating to 1-2 inches, then a long pause through Friday as we “warm” to the mid 30s. The business end of the storm is Saturday, when it deepens east of Portland. Once sufficiently large (loosely defined for a reason), it will toss back snow into Southern New England. The end result should be as it appears to the right.

Plenty of cold will pour down on howling northwest winds Saturday and Sunday. So much so, that it seems to steer Monday’s threat out to sea south of us. Although after writing off the blizzard as the same, I’m not ready to call off the hounds.

Ever watchful,


Thanks for all your support and well wishes through the storm! If you want to know how much fell in your town, here’s the link.

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