Brr…”high” temp today was a measly 44° in Boston (made low 50s west of town). But take heart. Today was perhaps the coldest day we’ll see in the next week…or 10 days. In fact, the average high over the next four days (according to my 7 day forecast) is 61.5. That’s 12.5 degrees above normal!

First, the showers. Initial wave of wet weather is moving in over the next couple of hours. Steady stuff waits until after 8-9pm. With such a speedy storm system in the pipeline, the steadiest rain will be finished during the wee hours. But that doesn’t mean we’ll wake to sun. Small, weak area of low pressure is forming across Southern New England. And these are “no-no-notorious” for keeping the clouds around in the spring.

So expect some gray until the mid to late AM – even if you see some rays before that time. We have to give the west wind some time to chew away all that low-level moisture. The wait may be worth it in the afternoon as you can see from the highs above. What’s better is Sunday’s forecast: brighter, milder, an all around swell day.

Long range forecast is also looking bright and warm. I’m sure you’re keying in on the low 70s next Thursday (who wouldn’t?). Confidence is running unusually high with this forecast. It’s the “classic April warm setup” as I like to call it. Dry air, stiff southwest wind, tons of sun, and a nice, long day. In addition, the weather maps are all jiving, something that was lacking in my last attempt (ala “71 on Monday” – see my Twitter feed).

It’s not lost on me either that the trend is warmer overall in the 10-20 day period. I’ve been watching this carefully in the (super) extended runs of the European model which projects out to the end of the month. Signs are pointing to some warmth the weekend before and the week of Marathon Monday. These maps often can be taken with a grain of salt this far out, but when they jive for two straight runs (issued bi-weekly on Sunday PM and Thursday PM), there might be something afoot.

Food for thought. Make it a good weekend.


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