Not So Fast…

It has been another GORGEOUS, spring-like day across the area.  Temps made it into the 60s in most spots, making this last weekend of winter very pleasant!  My parents are visiting Boston right now, and my dad said to me today as we were sitting in the sunshine, "Aren’t you glad this winter hasn’t been like last year?"  If I had a nickle for every time I heard (or said) that exact statement…  Months ago, when our temp on Christmas Eve hit 69° I was saying we "pre-paid" for the mild weather.  Now looking at the forecast moving forward, I’m wondering if these mild days are a little "too good to be true."  Even after our 8th day of 60°+ since January 1st, I still don’t think it’s safe to say winter is completely done with us…

Remember, the sunrise will be a little later tomorrow morning (6:57am) with this time-change thing that happened this weekend.  You may need to make an extra pot of coffee to get through tomorrow (DST tends to take its toll on all of us, no matter your schedule).  Changes in the time have happened, and changes in the weather are moving in as well.  

Clouds have been drifting in this evening and will thicken toward daybreak tomorrow.  We have cooler, wetter weather in store to kick off the work week.  In fact, HIGHS tomorrow will be even cooler than our LOWS this morning!  Ay yay yay… Some more changes to struggle through come Monday.  There will be some dry air in place near the surface that will take a while to overcome, but during the latter half of the morning we will see precip working in from the SW.  There will be some spots in Central and Western Mass that hold on to cold air (close to freezing).  That means, as this precip works in there could be some patchy freezing rain and sleet tomorrow (see map below).  Wait a minute… I thought it was spring???  Not so FAST!

Eventually, this all turns over to rain but it’s a cold rain.  A breeze will be coming in off the ocean, keeping temps cool (highs in the low 40s tomorrow) and adding a chill to the air.  We’ll keep the chill, breeze and showers into Tuesday as well.  It will still be wet come Tuesday morning, and temps will top out in the upper 40s.  While there could be some embedded downpours in this wet weather, it looks like rain totals will be around 0.50"-1.00" by the end of Tuesday.

The ups and downs of our temperatures continue, as I expect highs closer to 60° on Wednesday… and maybe even staying there for St. Patrick’s Day as well… but I can’t rule out an isolated shower on Thursday.

So, spring officially arrives next Sunday – but wait… Not so FAST!  Looking at the next 7-10 days, I’m thinking next weekend is MUCH cooler than this weekend was, with temps topping out closer to "normal" for this time of year (mid 40s)… and it looks like forecast models are hinting at a coastal storm for the beginning of NEXT week.  Hope you didn’t pack away the winter coat just yet!  Good luck tomorrow with all of these adjustments.  :c)  – Breezy