Cold out there again with many cities & towns starting the day with wind chills in the single numbers but as we work through the day I think–given the time of year and the winter we are having–you’ll say…”eh, not too shabby”..LOL…or something else.

I’ve always stated that if you could choose to get rid of one or the other—cold OR wind— that I would choose wind every day of the week–including Tuesdays! Today, high pressure will make that choice for you as it will knock out the wind this morning and keep things relatively calm for much of the day. Getting rid of the cold won;t happen today though as many cities & towns will flirt with 30 during the afternoon (about 5 degrees below normal). the day is loaded with sunshine.

On Friday the cold does depart but so will the sun as our next weather system heads this way. It’s just clouds tomorrow and despite those clouds our temps will reach 40 by afternoon. Saturday also offers clouds and mild temps with many cities & towns near 40 (great skiing weather folks!).

By late Saturday night that weather system crawls a bit closer to us and that will pop some patches of freezing drizzle well after midnight that will continue into early Sunday morning. Sunday sees a scattering of showers with temps in the mid 40s.


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