Some years our January Thaw comes to a crashing end in a matter of hours and other years it’s a slow process. This year will take the form of the latter as a series of cool fronts bump our recent warmth out to sea. You can plan on temps the next several days in the lower 40s and upper 30s for afternoon highs. It’s a nice gradual slide, one which I prefer.

The only issue with this slow & steady approach is that it does take several cool fronts and these fronts each come with clouds & sprinkles (flurries). That means a fair amount of clouds on tap for the next several days. today will be quite cloudy (and foggy before 10am) and even some afternoon sprinkles/drizzle. As we work toward Friday, some sunshine is likely but clouds will still be the majority. Temps reach the low 40s by afternoon. The weekend will offer similar weather with a fair amount of clouds both days as another cool front slowly moves through New England. This front is likely to pop some flurries (especially in ski country) each day but nothing that impacts travel. Afternoon temps on Saturday & Sunday are near 40.

By early next week, arctic air does begin to invade the northeast and this will be the final cold front that will drop the hammer on us with bitterly cold air set to make a return. Good times. In terms of snowstorms, eventually this cold pattern is going to pop a snowstorm–likely from an Alberta Clipper that intensifies as it passes south of New England. More on that once it becomes a likely outcome.


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