A shout out to all the Veterans who serve or have served this great nation (including my dad who served in the Air Force), you certainly deserve a great day and you have one in store today. As a kid growing up in the Berkshires, I remember a Veterans Day snowstorm….1987. In fact, this storm wasn’t just a New England thing, it snowed all the way down the I-95 corridor where Washington D.C. picked up close to a foot of snow.

Nothing like that anywhere along the eastern seaboard this year as a mild and somewhat moist southerly flow is the rule. This mild, moist flow will move the temps into the low 60s this afternoon and add a few clouds to the sky as the day wears on. All in all, a great day to be outside. Tomorrow is still mild as daytime temps are in the 50s/60s but eh only knock about tomorrow will be the continued moist airflow. Plan on clouds & sprinkles for much of the day….nothing heavy or long-lasting just nuisance type rain. Late tomorrow afternoon an arctic front moves into New England

 —Insert dramatic music here (I’m thinking along the lines of Law & Order SVU)

This arctic front (which is not to be confused with the Polar Vortex) will usher in much colder weather for the end of the week & upcoming weekend. The cold will really be felt during the afternoon hours as there will be very little recovery from chilly morning temps. On Thursday (and through the weekend) our daytime temps will only reach the low 40s. In terms of any snow with this newfangled cold, I don’t see much if any. There will be the risk of some rain-snow showers late Thursday night but they look to be gone by Friday morning (if they even occur at all).

Cold for the weekend.


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