Nothing Like the Sun

Underestimated the sun’s strength today, didn’t you? It’s been so long since we’ve seen a bright, semi-mild day, it’s no wonder you went to work dressed like you were at a base camp on Mt. Everest.

We’re almost to the meteorological spring (Mar. 1st) so the sun is much stronger these days. (Tuck that factoid away for Saturday’s forecast.) However, our concern for the time being isn’t about the next sunny day, but about the next quick-hitting weather system swinging through town tonight.

Note the image radar to the right.

Notice anything familiar (hint: think back to the last two storms)? Yes, that blob of blue inside the mass of green. That’s where the strong upward motion in the precipitation carves out an area of snow. I expect that to translate east tonight into Southern New England:

This doesn’t look like a huge problem for the morning ride, however. I expect mainly fog and some drizzle to be left over by then. Roads should be wet (and treated), but there still might be some slick spots on outer Rt. 2, I-190, I-290 and accompanying side roads.

Warmer air will try and flood New England tomorrow, but I think the feel of the day will be raw and damp. Massive amounts of fog will chew away at the snowpack as temperatures rise into the 40s to near 50 (cooler 30s MA/NH border).

Saturday is the white horse in the stable. Sunny, dry, mild…just a beauty of a spring day. Cooler on Sunday, but still storm-free.

And that’s how we might roll through next week. There are threats, but the cold air moving in should steer away the storms – shooting them off the SE US and out to sea. We’ll see if this theory has legs.