Today lived up to expectations….thankfully. Can’t say the same for the first half of the weekend, unless you’re a duck or a fish.

A solid and chilly spring storm system is churning toward New England, and although it looks weak and thin (see the first graphic), it promises to wash out Saturday’s forecast. I tried to give you the “poor man’s” rain timeline in the second and third graphics. Point being that the heaviest/steadiest rain is in the first half of the day. Second half sees more intermittent rain, but it’s still wet.

There is some hope for Sunday. As our weather system pulls out, it will leave a lot of debris clouds around, along with a morning shower. Temperatures improve from Saturday, but they’re still not up to our standards: normal is about 60 this time of year.

Long range reads as bleak as the weekend forecast. To be honest, I’m already trying to sort out NEXT week’s storm – and whether or not it will drag into next weekend. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but you get the idea. The overall pattern is wet/cool and there isn’t much hope for us to get out of it anytime soon.

Mulch, seed and rake this evening…Mother Nature’s got the watering taken care of.


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