After yesterday's storms and mayhem, I wouldn't blame you for thinking we flipped the switch into a more active, stormy pattern. All that came at us yesterday was totally out of the norm from what we've been accustomed to this summer.

But alas, things settled down today. 

What we thought might be a day of some isolated storms or a shower turned quiet thanks to strong upper level winds (that shred the clouds) and a wedge of dry air in the middle atmosphere. Yes, the force field was back up across the Commonwealth.

It – along with low humidity and a quieter pattern – should hold off any wet weather in the next two days. Temperatures are sliding as well, with a pool of cool air swinging through New England.

Couple of things we need to talk about – although they're admittedly very unpopular: the shortening days and the threat for showers over the weekend. Shortening days are shown on the right….'nuf said. The weekend, however, is still the weakest link in an otherwise solid 7 day forecast.

A storm system – yes, real and legit – is trying to steer itself just outside of Cape Cod and the Islands. Right now, it's far enough offshore to keep the threat for wet weather minimal. A slight jog (or more importantly a big of strengthening) and the showers will be in our lap as early as Saturday morning. 

We'll be on top of it in the coming days….detailing these precious few remaining weekends of summer.


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