Took all morning, but finally the sun did make an appearance in Eastern Mass. Worth the wait? Only you can answer that. Sea breezes gently cooled us as well, ensuring the blue skies stayed that way.

In Central Mass, where the sun was out early and the sea breeze’s stabilizing influence was out of reach, thunder popped up. And some of the storms got strong – or severe. Hail was covered the ground along the Mass. Pike in Charlton. Few of the hailstones appear in the pictures at the right. Lots of cold air aloft helped to make these hail-producing storms and some nearly got out of hand – a wall cloud (often precursors to tornadoes) was spotted in Leominster! That was WAY too close for comfort.

But enough talk of the storms….summer’s on the way.

And tomorrow’s the day. Well into the 80s, beach weather all around and an almost insignificant threat for a passing shower. The focus will be on the warmth, barbeques, parades and remembering those who perished serving our country in conflicts, but it’s just a one day stand. Cooler air is conspiring to bring back the chill by Tuesday – Back Door style.

You may have heard of this term before. We call it a Back Door cold front because it moves in from the north and east: typically most weather systems move in from the west – or continuing the metaphor, the “front door”. These fronts are especially bold too, dropping our temperatures tens of degrees in a matter of minutes or sometimes hours. This one is no exception. We’ll go from 80s Monday to 60s – or even 50s along the coast – Tuesday. Check out the drop in the map to the right.

Fret not, the summer weather will return. But again, we’ll have to give it time.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend and be safe!

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