For as cold as it was this morning, we managed to make it a nice afternoon.

Check that. A gorgeous afternoon.

Some folks think winter is the worst season of them all. Dark days, unyielding snow/cold and a general misery hang over New England. I beg to differ. Extremes aside, there are some real gems to be found in the cold season. Thanks to little/no wind, today was one of them.

Now let’s tackle the snow. Who’s ready for more?

*tumble weeds roll by*

Then how about a few light snow events? That’s something we can all face down after 2-3 feet, right? Sure can, sure will.

* First band of snow moves through after midnight into the early morning. It could grease up the morning commute with a coating to 2″ in spots.
* Most of tomorrow will be pretty quiet. Clouds will spit out light snow and some sprinkles or drizzle. Temps warm to the mid 30s, that kind of thing.
* Then toward midnight, the storm goes berserk in the Gulf of Maine (northeast of Cape Ann). A batch of snow will be thrown back at us in the wee hours.
* Winds will howl on Saturday as temperatures crash. Deep cold will be found on the backside of this developing nor’easter.

Then we wait for the Monday, and the light snow event to come. Good consensus on the track – keeping the heaviest snow to the south. If I had to put numbers to it, I’m thinking 2-4 for Greater Boston and more like 4-8 in Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod.

Thereafter, it’s cold and quiet. We’re still in an atmospheric shooting gallery, so we’re watching all the storms into mid February.


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