NSA contractor arrested for leaking classified document

A federal contractor is facing charges after the Justice Department says she leaked classified information.

25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner is accused of printing a classified NSA memo and sending it to an online media outlet.

It is the first criminal leak case under President Trump who has often called for investigation into leaks that he says undermine his administration.

“You’re not allowed to do that and yes, I do believe, regardless of the administration,” said Ohio Rep. Jason Chaffetz, “they should put handcuffs on a person like that and they should go to jail.”

Winner had top secret security clearance while working as a contractor for Pluribus International Corporation.

“But the American public is entitled to know the degree to which Russia invaded the election to take the election away from American voters,” said Senator Time Kaine, “and whether anybody with the campaign or the transition or the Trump administration was working with the Russians to sell out the country.”

Sources say the leaked document is genuine and was the basis for Monday’s article in ‘The Intercept,’ that details a Russian cyber-attack on a U.S. voting software supplier in 2016.

Authorities say Winner admitted that she leaked the document.

She was arrested Saturday in Augusta, Georgia.



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