BOSTON (WHDH) - Federal investigators arrived in Boston over the weekend to help figure out what caused Friday’s crash on the Green Line.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, one trolley going 30 miles per hour crashed into another going 10 miles per hour on the B Line near the Agganis Arena at 6 p.m. Friday. Ten miles per hour is the speed limit on that stretch of track.

Twenty-seven people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Gov. Charlie Baker says he has been checking on those who were injured.

“Thankfully everyone there seems to be OK,” he said.

The operator of the speeding trolley, who has worked for the MBTA for seven years, has been placed on administrative leave, officials said.

People who were on the trolley when the crash happened described the moment of impact.

“All of a sudden it jerked forward really quickly,” Brian Sirman recalled. “People were thrown on the floor. I hit my head a little bit.”

The impact of the crash left three train cars derailed, according to investigators.

Other riders say the incident has raised their concerns with riding the T.

“I normally feel safe on the B Line, but this crash was a little concerning considering it was going over the speed limit,” said Katarina Soto, who regularly travels on the B Line.

Rider Emma Payne added, “Over 30 years of my taking the train, you just in general trust that nothing’s going to happen. It’s going to squeak, it’s going to creek, you might fall onto a stranger, but that’s usually the worst thing that’s going to happen.”

A safety system to help prevent train collisions has been installed on the MBTA’s Blue, Orange, and Red lines, along with the Commuter Rail, but no the Green Line.

That system will start being installed next year and is expected to be online in 2024.

The NTSB is going through the trolley’s event recorder, which records data such as speed, application of brakes, and use of horn.

A more thorough preliminary report is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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