Bitter air is sweeping in this evening in the wake of that weather system last night. Gusty winds will jam the cold into all of New England tonight and tomorrow. There’s no escaping it…unless, of course you’re in a warm place.

Check on pets and the elderly through tomorrow as the bitter winds howl and the temperatures struggle to make the low/mid teens. Although, those are just needless numbers, not what it will feel like when you step outside. For that temperature timeline, check the map to the right.

Plan on a quieter Saturday forecast along with some recovery in the temperatures. Oddly, Saturday morning will be colder (in some locations) than tomorrow. It’s not really that odd, actually. The winds act to keep the temperature from free falling. With the winds dying off tomorrow night and early Saturday, we’ll feel the true sting of the arctic air.

Weekend “event” coming will scour some of that arctic air from the scene. This system is still looking like a snow-mix-rain setup at this point. Also, this isn’t a situation that will yield bigtime river/stream flooding, since the snowpack will heartily gobble up the water. So if your neighborhood is prone to flooding from clogged catch basins and storm drains, you might want to find them and dig it out. (Little cold tomorrow, so maybe Saturday.)

Snow will head off the event, starting late Saturday and lasting well into the night. 3-5 inches of snow is at stake before we switch to mix and rain. Not a pretty storm system, but not a blockbuster snow event either.

Stay warm.


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