NV Coroner: Body in duffel bag was woman’s 3-year-old daughter

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Authorities in Las Vegas have confirmed that a child found dead in a duffel bag last week was the 3-year-old daughter of a woman accused of killing her and reporting her missing.

The Clark County coroner said Thursday that Dejah Hunt died of blunt force injuries before her body was found late Aug. 23 in an apartment closet.

Police say the girl’s 29-year-old mother, Aisha Yvonne Thomas, told detectives her daughter became unconscious early that morning after Thomas struck the child in the head for wetting her pants.

The girl’s father, Don Edward Hunt Jr. was in jail at the time.

Thomas is jailed pending an Oct. 1 hearing to determine if she’ll stand trial on a murder charge.

Her court-appointed attorney, Sarah Hawkins, says Thomas will plead not guilty.

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