O.J. parole hearing could result in spike in memorabilia value

LAS VEGAS (WHDH) — O.J. Simpson will learn Thursday if he is eligible for parole and his hearing could increase the demand and value for memorabilia.

At the Memorabilia.Expert showroom in Las Vegas, Victor Moreno said anything related to the former football player sells. Simpson merchandise can be found at the showroom, alongside other famous athletes like Babe Ruth and Kobe Bryant.

“The reason people are interested in O.J. is people collect themes. O.J. is one of the rare people who was Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Famer,” said Moreno.

Simpson memorabilia online comes with hefty price tags. An autographed Buffalo Bills helmet is worth $2,900 dollars, while a signed jersey from the University of Southern California costs just over $400.

Moreno said collectors are more interested in the athlete Simpson was, rather than anything connected to his 1994 double homicide aquittal or his robbery conviction. Moreno said he knew someone who wanted to auction Simpson’s mugshot and Moreno told him it would not sell.

Experts said anything Simpson signed while behind bars is even more valuable to collectors.

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