Obama: ‘I’m giving it to you straight’ in 2019 health care enrollment PSA

Former President Barack Obama is taking to social media to remind anyone in need of health insurance to sign up for 2019 coverage by Dec. 15.

In previous years, the former president took a humorous approach to urge people to sign up for health care coverage, but this year, he’s “giving it to you straight” in an Instagram video.

“Well, it is that time of year again,” Obama says. “The time my team tries to get me to reference some viral trend or otherwise make a fool out of myself in the name of encouraging more young people to sign up for health insurance.”

This year, Obama sits facing the camera in an unassuming location delivering the message: You can sign up for health insurance through Dec. 15 at HealthCare.gov.

“I think you’ve proven that you don’t need to see me taking jump shots or sitting between a couple forest plants in order to know it’s important to have health insurance,” Obama says, referencing his past PSAs, including an appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

Toward the end of the PSA, Obama is sporting a sunglasses filter and his undisclosed locale turns into a tropical backdrop.

“You’ve got a filter on me, don’t you?”


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