What we're left with are the 1% of the 99% who want to end their protest in a confrontation:

"A lot of people plan on staying here and fighting if they have to," Drake Higgins said.

But they don't have to…unless they want to. Boston's mayor and police have been more than patient. If the protesters provoke conflict, it's all on them.

"Our First Amendment gives us the right to be here,” Andrew Farkas said.

No, it doesn't. As a judge ruled earlier this week, the demonstrators "have no privilege under the First Amendment to seize and hold the land on which they sit."

Could that be any clearer?

"we're going to stay as long as we can," Clay Brokenbert said.

By ignoring a midnight deadline, the protestors have already stayed longer than they should in dewey square.

“The whole world is watching!"

No, it's not. We've already heard what the occupiers have to say, and simply saying it over and over won't change much. It's more likely the whole world is waiting: to see the final act.

"We are standing up for what we believe, so we're not just quitting," Seth Mantie said.

Beliefs are bigger than zip codes.

If the demonstrators are truly committed, they can spread their ideas from anywhere.

But if they're committed to confrontation, they'll get exactly what they deserve.

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