If I say "October," what do you think of? The Red Sox in the World Series? Halloween?

Whatever it is, I'll bet it's not "government shutdown" or "debt limit."

But that's all they're thinking about in Washington.

Once again, critical decisions have to be made and our government can't make them.

Because Washington is as divided as we are. And, for once, the president speaks for everyone:

"The problem is right now that this town, Washington, is locked up," the president said.

Republicans want to use the threat of a shutdown to kill the president's signature health care plan, and neither Democrats nor the president will let that happen.

So they'll all argue up until the last minute, and then, in a dramatic show of courage, they'll keep the government running by… wait for it… delaying!

They'll kick the can down the road to the battle over raising the debt limit, which will be the real fight.

That's when you'll hear all the horror stories about the Federal Government defaulting; and the end of America as we know it.

Maybe it will come to that, but history says it won't.

Much more likely is a temporary fix that satisfies no one, because both sides want complete victory, not a compromise.

So my advice is ignore it, and let me tell you the real date to watch: November 2014.

Because that's when voters get their next chance to give either Democrats or Republicans enough power to get what they want.

And by next November, the Red Sox could have just won their second World Series in a row.

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