In an exclusive interview with 7News, Odin Lloyd’s sister Olivia Thibou spoke about her brother, who was allegedly killed by Aaron Hernandez.

Thibou said she and her brother always shared a special bond through sports since they were children. Thibou was a college track star and Lloyd became a semi-pro football player.

Thibou said she still thinks about her brother everyday and often replays the last voicemail message he left for her. Thibou never met Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player accused of killing her brother. She said she will attend the trial, but she is unsure if she will ever get answers to some of her questions.

“It’s so scary, you always think that bad things don’t happen to good people,” said Thibou. “Why would something so horrible happen to us? What did we do in life that this was warranted to our family?”

Sinaya, Thibou’s 9-year-old daughter, writes letters to her uncle to let him know how she’s doing. Thibou said Lloyd never missed his niece’s dance recitals or gymnastics meets.

“Sometimes I think about him and I laugh because there’s a lot of great things,” said Thibou. “But then I think about those same memories and it’s kind of like, I won’t have any of those anymore.”

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