Off-duty Colorado deputy makes a life-saving shot

AURORA, Colo. (NBC) — It’s a life-saving shot that you could call a “long shot,” — A Colorado deputy fired a bullet straight into the barrel of a suspect’s gun.

Police said Jose Marquez was actually off-duty when two men tried to rob him and started firing. When the deputy fired back—he hit the bullseye.

Jimmy Graham, the director of the Active Shooter Response Training Center in Colorado, considers himself a decent shot. He spent a little over 15 years in the SEAL teams and then worked for the CIA’s elite GRS team for about seven years.

“I’d say that’s probably one in a million shot,” said Graham about the deputy’s shot.

The bullet lodged in the barrel and disabled the suspect’s gun.

“He presented and he aimed for center of mass and he just happened to hit down the barrel of the gun which was effective,” said Graham.

Recreating the shot on the range is possible but add in the stress of a life or death situation; even a decent shot like Graham would need a little luck.

Marquez said the suspects fired first and when he shot back one of the suspects was wounded in the leg and arrested. The other suspect got away.